The three things that wil help us in the race to the kingdom areFaithHopeLove. But out of these love is the greatest. Hebrew 13: 1 urge us to continue in brotherly love. So love is so indispensable that we can not do without it. Love is needful in marriage, family, and assembly of yahweh. When love lacks in any of these institutions it affects it negatively. Anything that lacks love lacks life. Be it faith, prophesy, tongues and what have you. 1 corinthians 13:1-7, love is patient, not envy, faithful. It is a happy thing to live together in love. Ps 138:1. Its not good to owe somebody but everybody is a debtor when it comes to love. Roman13:8. You can not say you love yahweh when you hate your brothers. 1john 4: 20 we are like one body so let our love be without dissimulation. We were urge to hate evil and not to hate our brothers.Having kindly affection for ourselves. Rom12:4 and 9. Jon 14vs15,13:33- 35. Math12:46-50 our love should be so intimate because we are brothers and sisters begotten by yahweh himself, that means that our relationship is more strong than that of our carnal brothers and sisters. Let us therefore seek peace, love, and be happy with our father in heaven. Yahweh can not father a home that lacks love because he is love. Hallaluyah